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No matter how you define dating, it’s important to remember that abuse can occur within all kinds of intimate relationships.
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I try not to be a twat about it, so I don’t go around giving advice or writing something twatty like “Lessons I’ve Learned From Being Happily Married, Not That You Would Know You Sad, Pitiable, Single Who Will Likely Have Your Dead Face Eaten By Your Pet”.But occasionally, a non-attached person will ask my advice about someone that he or she is dating.I need time to breathe when I’m angry or else I lash out like a heavy-footed she-beast.In my relationship (but maybe not yours), the best medicine in the world for intra-marital conflict is for me to be by myself, preferably with some sleep time in there somewhere. In fact, I’ve uniformly rejected every piece of relationship advice that I’ve ever been given — thank GOODNESS, because relationship advice is fucking dumb. In all the relationships I’ve witnessed from the sidelines of my longterm union, this is the one rule that has never gone away, never wavered, never been disproven.Six months on, the #Change The Date campaign hasn’t lost its momentum — just yesterday, triple j invited listeners to vote on whether the station should move the date of the Hottest 100.

I’ve listed the best 5-6 posts in four different categories below: Self Improvement, Life Choices, Dating and Relationships, and Culture.

Yet when I try to tell someone who is single this rule, they genuinely never believe me.“You don’t understand.

ear young person, First let me say that this applies regardless of your gender and the gender of the person you love.

Generalized advice just doesn’t pan out most of the time.

For instance, that “Don’t go to bed angry” shit would have resulted in my divorce.