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Just enough to succeed to break the habit and the psychological issues. Lots of useful discussions going on round plus a new look to the forum! Which one of you would like to help a fellow brother through one of the most troubling and difficult times in his life? The other problems are all sort of psychological depressions and difficulties big and tough enough to thoroughly destroy any human being. I have been trying to battle it for a long time (10 years) to no avail. I have tried so much, that I come here as a sane person after all the difficulties, madness, frustrations. I actually wanted to be shot by a bullet traveling the wrong end of a gun through the center of my forehead so that I could end all the [Edited Out]py bull[Edited Out]. Next time you think of doing something you'll see Allah's name and will think twice.
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Ms West said it was like they had "known each other for years".

She started to realise she was attracted to her son and said she had "sexy dreams" about him.

Age: 30 Height: 1.75m Job: Technical sales Home town: Richards Bay Training location: Virgin Active in Richards Bay How often do you train? I love ending my sets with a complete failure drop set. Waking up each day knowing it was given to us by his grace gives me the motivation to know that I have yet been given one more day to push my body to the limits. The more important benefits include lower risk of illness and disease, mental focus and longevity. Try doing shuttle runs between 10 different markers. When you get to each cone, do 5 burpess before running backwards to the start.

I do at least 1-2 warm up sets before any training and keep my rest in between my sets to a maximum of 60 seconds. When training with weights, be conscious of your form with a focus on high reps. Hanging leg raises, as it engages the entire abdominal section. For a sculpted back, wide arm pullups are essential. Improvement and self-efficacy, there is no greater feeling than personal growth. Stick to natural, wholesome foods that aren’t processed and refined and avoid carbs in the evening. Appearance is a derivative of leading a healthy lifestyle. Age: 21 Height: 1.78m Home town: Mthatha Training location: Gym Company How often do you train?

Ms Dooley meets one 18-year-old nyope addict called Tulu who attends a rehab centre every day in a bid to turn his life around. Tambo International Airport, she witnesses one incident of a suitcase packed with cannabis being intercepted, but airport officials admit that more often than not, drugs get through.

He has been clean for three days when Ms Dooley meets him, and says he's determined to kick the habit.

If I battle to do core during the day, I rather do a 30 second to 1 minute core exercise in between my weight sets instead of sitting and waiting for the next set. Partnering up with my wife during a training session and pushing her to lift her maximum weight is an incredible feeling seeing her realise that she is stronger than what her mind tells her. Age: 26 Height: 1.81m Job: Model and Student Home town: Lephalale Training location: Virgin Active Sunny Park, Pretoria What’s your best training tip? If you enjoy every single exercise that you do then your body will smile back. The couple told the their sex life is "incredible and mind-blowing".They insist their relationship is not incest, instead claiming it is "Genetic Sexual Attraction" - a term used to describe separated relatives who feel sexual attraction for each other after meeting as adults.The sun fights off Uranus and Jupiter on the 10th and 11th, requiring you to check your ego at the door.If your home life or career is stressing you out, a whopping dose of freedom will help you recalibrate—and a solo day trip may be just what the doctor ordered.The Grand Exhibition showcased Cape Town's top burlesque talent, from seasoned professional solo performers to dazzling troupe numbers from the Mother City's longest standing burlesque companies.