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The two alabaster ones are of Richard Bulkeley (1392-1454) and Sir John Hondford (1392- c1460) lord of the manor of Hondford (Handforth).

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The AEF is forever grateful for the effort and professionalism these volunteers have shown during the season.

Orca whales are extremely social creatures and some pods may travel hundreds of miles to hunt, play, mate and give birth.

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Orcas, like dolphins, use eco-location to hunt their underwater prey.We also have advanced applications in the fields of planning and budgeting processes and change adaptation and learning.CAM-I is here to put all this business knowledge and experience into a form that allows our members to benefit.Glory accidentally fledged on June 12, 2017, at 10 weeks 4 days old, after making a slight misstep and falling from the nest, landing safely on a branch located below the nest on the nest tree, Eventually, Glory returned to the nest, waited a few more days, and on June 19th made an “official fledge” from the nest.Honor then followed with her fledge on June 22 at 12 weeks 1 day old.They determine the distance of an object or prey by emitting sound waves and listening to variations in the time it takes for the sounds to echo back.