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Well those of your who have 602s from the pre serial and black label period could let me know which of the three stamps each cymbal has and the serial number if it has one. But it does very much apply to 602 Dark Rides and Transitional Dark Rides (the ones with the top part of the 602 stamp but missing the words "Formula 602" at the bottom).

If anybody reports Mixed or Outline stamps and you don't have a serial number we might have a chat about any other identifying features you might have on it. Like this: Hey Steve, obviously I hadn't noticed this either.

Most other identifying information (stickers, silk screens, ink or grease pencil) fade away and disappear over time.

Oxidation on a cymbal is the first indicator that the coating has been removed; therefore, the warranty replacement will not be granted.

I noticed that there are three different sorts of 602 stamps.

Solid: The written description of my surprise and what I currently know is here on my updated Paiste research page: if you don't see the 3 stamps refresh your browser -- you have the older page in cache on your machine) So what's next?

But I've now looked through my 602s and can tell you that my pre-serial 20" ride is solid, my 18" ride has no visible ink stamps and a serial number of 410861 and has the outline logo.

And my BL SE 14" hats also have the outline logo and a serial of 623635. I don't feel there is a need for pics as photo evidence.