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Geez, couldn’t Bravo and LVP come up with anything more interesting, been there-done that.

That had been a problem with past interns, Tobin said, along with streaking in the hallways. Last week, Stern welcomed O'Neil, who is from Texas, into the studio because of her professed love (through e-mails) for Benjy Bronk, the show's mercilously-mocked head writer.I am simply the type of person who loves writing to tv shows, radio shows, grocery stores, J. So, regarding Stern, I listen Monday through Thursday in my studio religiously. No, because I honestly didn't know my art life would be discussed on the Stern Show.judge’s longtime agent, Don Buchwald, as the comic was the only one among the show’s principal players who Buchwald didn’t represent.“Maybe it was Buchwald’s way of saying, ‘You can be replaced this easily,’ for whatever reason, it was absolutely rude,” Martling said, adding that he “doubted that Don Buchwald ever had any kind of sense of exactly what I was doing and how important it was” to the show.A fan favorite, the cackling Bayville, New York native fed Stern, 61, hysterical one-liners to complement his on-air commentary, and provided endless material for the show with details of his colorful personal life.