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Dating of the mahabharata by dr v vartak

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It is dated 634 CE and is written in Sanskrit language and old Kannada script.The Aihole inscription describes the achievements of Pulakeshin II and his victory against King Harshavardhana.High rocky hills surround the city from all sides, on the north it just forms the border of the Ganga- Yamuna Drainage Basin.The city however is situated in the valley between the hills.If Agniveer were to list the top two nuisances in India, it would undoubtedly be birth-based caste system and gender discrimination.

Prior to Indian independence on 15 August 1947, Gwalior remained a princely state of the British Raj with the Scindia as the local rulers.

Let's analyze some of these similarities - Similarities between Krishna's father Vasudev and Christ's father Joseph - Joseph had eleven brothers (in Matthew's genealogy), meaning they were all 12 brothers.

The name "Vasudev" is actually a part of the famous Hindu "12 syllable mantra".

And casteism seems like a South Asian nuisance affecting all societies and religions that breed here.

However Hinduism being the oldest culture and fountainhead of all other religions has to accept the blame of polluting the source.