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Updating clamav in ubuntu

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Updates are digitally signed and encrypted, as well as can be automatically installed by Pakfire (the IPFire package management system).Since IPFire is typically directly connected to the Internet, it is going to be a primary target for hackers and other threats.The installation steps to install Clam AV 0.95.3 on Debian lenny are: 1) Add the debian volatile repository to the sources list: echo "deb lenny/volatile main contrib non-free" /etc/apt/2) Update the sources and install the new clamav package: apt-get update apt-get install clamav apt-get -u upgrade 3) If you use amavisd-new (e.g.

You can configure your own Cloud server to automatically run a virus scan on newly-uploaded files with the Antivirus App for Files.

Whenever there is a difference in the required commands for Debian / Ubuntu variations of Linux it will be noted.

The universal difference is that the commands shown are done by the Fedora / Cent OS / Red Hat root user.

With Debian / Ubuntu you will either have to become root using the "sudo su –" command or you can temporarily increase your privilege level to root using the "sudo Here is an example of how to temporarily become root to run a specific command.

The first attempt to get a directory listing fails due to insufficient privileges.